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2015 Annual Dinner                                                                        
Ricky Pugh    
2015 Golf Tournament (with Rotary Club)
Cindy Wilson                   Jim Vickery

2015 Pancake Breakfast                                                               
Charles WhiteCharles White

2014-15 Dictionary Project                                                          
Lorry Schrage                     Kevin Boyd

2014 Football Contest                                                                   
Thad McCormick    

2015 Law Enforcement Appreciation                                      
Ricky Rich                            Larry Baldwin

2015 Star Student and Teacher                                                 
Ricky Pugh                   Kevin Boyd   

2015 Art and Talent Showcase                                                   
Bryan and Marjorie Butler      John Pace           

2014-15 Senior Leadership Programs / Key Clubs              
Helen Henderson                     Kevin Boyd

2014-15 Membership Recruitment                                          
Larry Baldwin                         All Officer’s & Board

2014-15 Sunshine Reports                                                           
Phil Bonelli

2014-15 New Member Induction & Orientation                       
Michelle Hall                            Joy Griffin

2014-15 Membership Badge                                                      
Kris Jorgenson                   Joy Griffin
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